08 January 2022

Modular sofa with unique design

A modular sofa is the most versatile and flexible solution for changing furniture needs and tastes.
As the name suggests, a modular sofa is a sectioned structure formed by several units which can be arranged differently depending on the space available, or simply to refresh the furnishing.

Compared to the sofas of the past, modular sofas offer maximum freedom to create the furniture arrangement that's most appropriate for the setting and in line with your ideas of taste and comfort.
You can start with a smaller sofa and add one or more designer modules when required. It's also easy to change from a larger sofa to a smaller one if you're reorganising your space.


Unyo, our modular sofa

The modular version of Unyo - the new sofa designed by our Alba experts - allows different seating arrangements to be created by combining a number of frames and polyurethane modules using special connectors developed by us.

The different configurations we suggest include:

  • linear, starting with a minimum of 3 modules
  • corner, ideal for a large, inviting sofa
  • curved, bold and perfect for larger spaces
  • ring-shaped, for a perfectly circular or oval arrangement, with additional central modules

All combinations can be customised in terms of shapes and number of modules.
For the frame of our modular sofa, we offer a choice of 4 colours: black, chrome, white or beige.

The frame is completed by sturdy transparent feet in tough polycarbonate.
All polyurethane modules can be fitted with comfortable shaped cushions on request.


A modular sofa that's simple to assemble

Assembling and connecting the various components of the Unyo sofa is very simple, thanks to the special connectors we have developed. The name we chose for our modular sofa is no coincidence: Unyo evokes the concepts of union and combination.

Easy to assemble and also easy to dismantle and dispose of, Unyo is a modular sofa with a green soul: it is made of a small number of materials, all of which are recyclable and easy to dispose of, such as our polyurethane modules, which contain no metal structures.

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