14 November 2020

SPOT folding legs for table: the perfect metal component for table

SPOT is the new metal component for table that can be easily stacked and moved, designed to be a perfect solution for the contract world.

Innovation has always been an important part of ALBA way of thinking its production. On the market for more than 30 years, its goal has always been to combine innovative solutions with the highest production standard.



The two mechanism gives the needed stability and strength which are key features for this market, without any other structure underneath the top, for a table with a clean design. Thanks to the easy and smart asymmetric folding system, SPOT can be assemble on tops of different sizes, giving our clients an incredible flexibility. There aren't other metal table components such as the folding legs for table SPOT.

The metal component for table SPOT is one of the innovative and effective products in ALBA METALMECCANICA catalog, a wide range of furniture components, with its focus on metal components for chairs, which ALBA distributes in more than 80 countries around the world. In the “Product” page you can browse our on-line catalog where you can find a wide range of:

  • Chairs and stools
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  • Bench and bench components
  • Coat hangers

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